Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

NATO’s civilian representation to Afghanistan, Nicholas Kay, believes that the country is facing a historical time in its history and that peace will be achievable in this country in the earliest opportunity. Mr. Kay, who is now in Brussels, said in a video message: ” It’s a great pleasure to be back at NATO headquarters to meet the Secretary-General and representatives of Allies and partners involved in Afghanistan. My visit comes as Afghanistan is at a historic moment. The opportunity for peace after 40 years of conflict is strong and real. The Afghan National and Defence Security Forces that NATO trains, advises and assists are achieving on the battlefield what the Afghan people want which is peace.”

This NATO politician called on the Taliban to set aside their weapons and prepare for talks on peace with the Afghan government. ” We call upon the Taliban to sit in an intra-Afghan Dialogue with fellow Afghans, the Government of Afghanistan as soon as possible and reach a negotiated end to this conflict. The Afghan people demand peace. The Afghan people demand a reduction in violence. And the Taliban should respect the will of the Afghan people. NATO Allies are working closely with the Government of Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan to bring about the conditions for lasting peace. NATO Allies and partners are united and strong and firm in their commitment to continue to support Afghans at this historic moment when they reach out for a lasting peace”

Mr. Kay continues to emphasize that NATO is ready to continue its assistance to peace in this period of time with the people of Afghanistan in order to achieve lasting peace. This optimism comes at a time when two days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that Afghanistan is moving closer to achieving peace.

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