Pasbanan- Kabul:

The achievements of the Afghan security forces are satisfying for all international partners,” says the NATO ambassador to Afghanistan, who travels to Helmand. The NATO politician emphasizes that there are still challenges beyond the system in the country, he added: “Afghan security officials must be serious to eliminate the existing challenges. Helmand province governor says, in upcoming days the areas that have been captured by the Taliban be evident of launching heavy military operations by Afghan forces.

Cantillon Zimmerman, civilian ambassador to Afghanistan who is currently in Helmand after meeting with local officials, officials from the Peace Council and tribal elders in Helmand, said: “Reforms have taken place in different sectors, but these efforts are not enough; common work is needed in all Areas will be further enhanced. Along with that, more military pressure on the Taliban is very important in the current situation. So that this group is abandoned war and joined the process of peace talks. ”

Mr. Zimmerman also praised the achievements of the country’s military and reaffirms that NATO is committed to raising their capabilities and also equipping them. He added: “Women’s participation in social sectors and democratic processes is very important and a legitimate system must be created in Afghanistan to increase the share of the nation, especially women, in all areas.”

The NATO civilian official emphasizes that NATO’s engagement with Afghanistan is conditional and the government is obliged to complete its obligations and to make serious reforms in the system. Meanwhile, resolute support mission officials also emphasize the support of Afghan security forces and a decisive support mission to eliminate insurgents in Helmand. The governor of Helmand has announced that all areas of the green zone in which the Taliban are present will be cleared from their fighters presence of the to implement upcoming elections, and the operation will be launched under the name Nusrat in Helmand.

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