Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Shershah Nawabi

As Afghanistan was the main priority of NATO defense ministerial meeting NATO secretary general has highlighted that their presence in Afghanistan will be according to the ground situation. Jens Stoltenberg has stated in a press conference: “NATO is strongly committed to Afghanistan. We have recently generated forces for the next rotation, throughout next year. And we have confirmed our financial support for the Afghan security forces through 2024. We will stay in Afghanistan for as long as necessary, to ensure the country never again becomes a safe haven for international terrorists. We went into Afghanistan together. And we will take decisions about the future of our mission together.”

Once again NATO SG believes that US chief negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad efforts has caused a unique opportunity for peace in Afghanistan and all NATO allies support all efforts made in this process he has also stated that NATO will support Afghan forces with training and funding and the Taliban must understand that they will never win the war in the battlefield.

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