Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Recently, a group of well-known youths in Kabul and the provinces have launched a campaign to meet the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on social networks under the name “#Where_is_Atra?” Now, this issue has become a problem and Sue’s propaganda against this effective campaign has been questioned. Now, in response to the questions of the citizens and social network users, the authorities have responded seriously. One of the officials in the campaign wrote: “In response to the friends who think that the “#Where_is_Atra?” campaign has been failed? And why it does not have any result? Contrary to me, I think that people’s protest has gained three important achievements; first, there was a widespread awareness throughout the country, as everyone noticed the depth of the matter; second, the telecommunications companies and the ATRA administration, with the slightest respect for the customer and the will set with the people, does who did not answer the citizens earlier; and thirdly, the telecommunications sector reform broke out, and for the first time, subscribers of telecommunications companies faced with officials and ATRA in charges, criticized and dissatisfied of telecommunication services were discussed by both side. ”

The officials in charge of this campaign continue to say to all users who claim that the process is failing: “But I repeat, that this is just beginning and not the end of the problem; the pursuit of this kind of strategic dialogue requires serious follow-up and broad participation of the people. A sensible solution is to pursue objections of varying dimensions but free of emotional clashes; secondly, contributing to the discourse and the firm pressures of companies through bilateral meetings should be pursued; and third, pursuing all the issues with It should be noted that the main goal, which is to stop thefts and improve the quality of telecommunications, should not be forgotten that this campaign has no political color or desire other than the stated objectives. ”

The organizers of the campaign on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are still convinced that shrinking Ahmed and Mahmoud’s resignation will certainly not lead us to the goal, they insist that along with these demands, observance of the culture of ethical protest, The durability of protest and its effect is guaranteed.

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