Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

While President Ghani is accused of engineering for the presidential election this year, in the most recent case, the president states that presidential candidates should work with him jointly to agree on the ethics of the presidential election principals. “I call on all the presidential candidates, that I want to work together with them to agree on the ethical principles of the upcoming election,” said Mr. Ghani. “Our goal is to hold a transparent and fair election in order to make Afghanistan’s fate as desired for the People of this land as they wish to have that kind of land.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Ghani insists that all security and defense forces of the country and civilian entities should be neutral in the progress of the upcoming electoral process. Mr. Ghani says: “As parliamentary elections in the country showed that the Afghan security forces are one of the most impartial institutions in the country, and except for the protection of Afghanistan, they are not members of any ethnic group or groups, this time I have commanded the country’s security and defense forces that they should not have and interference in electoral matters. In addition, all civilian entities have been asked to maintain impartiality during the election process. ”

These statements are being made while two days ago Presidential Elections Candidates Mr. Rahmatullah Nabil accused the government of interfering in the process of leading and presidential election engineering, which lasted up to four months, and insisted that the national unity government will not have the will to hold a leading election.

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