Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohamad din Agharkhail

Pakistani border force is now tasked for fencing, Durand’s hypothetical line and imposed the Afghanistan people and government to acknowledge this border,  but in the most recent case when Afghan border guards want to prevent Pakistan border forces fencing program in Zabul Shamalzoe district, the Taliban collaborate and support Pakistani troops. According to reports, Afghan border forces were ambushed by the Taliban insurgents who were sent to the area for covering Pakistani border troops and launched several hours of conflict.

Now, the reports show that during this conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan border forces at least 11 Pakistani border guards have been sent to death in the clashes. Meanwhile, Gen. Tadin, The powerful Police Commander of Kandahar has stated that the Taliban have once again shown their loyalty to Pakistani forces. It is also stated that after these clashes Pakistani forces begun for mortar and rocket shelling in their area of the Durand hypothesis, resulting in at least 12 civilian wounds.

This is not the first time that Afghan-Pakistani border tensions have caused casualties to Pakistani military, but Afghan security officials have claimed that Pakistanis are working with the Taliban to try to take the fence off the Durand line.

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