Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Abdul Nazir Qaderi

33 Kabul representative, with representatives of Paktia in parliament, sworn before lunch in the presidential palace today. “With the introduction of new Kabul parliamentary representatives, we were able to complete the House of Representatives, we hope that with your election, a new chapter will begin in the country,” the country’s president said at the ceremony.

Mr. Ghani continues to emphasize: “The government and the Afghan citizens are demanding new, chapter in the relationship between the national council and the government, as the head of the Afghan government, three bodies of the government are always vital and equitable, never a constitution without completion.” Coordination should be based on the foundations for joint cooperation between the three government bodies.”

The new Kabul MPs were introduced in parliament after a delay of seven months. Kabul’s election has been criticized many times, and as many candidates have called for the election to be canceled.

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