Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Mohammad Yassin Sadat

Recently special envoy to the president for regional affairs and head of the High Peace Council secretariat recently called on political parties and political leaders must delay their second round of talks with the Taliban after the holding of Consultative Loya Jirga. But Taliban sources in Qatar have said that no group can prevent Afghanistan’s second-round intra-Afghan meeting with the Taliban. The Qatari meeting would behold between Afghan political parties and political figures and this summit would be attended by national leaders, representatives of political parties and some other Afghan politicians, the conference will not be managed by any person or any group, but will be owned by Afghans themselves in Doha capital of Qatar.”

The second round of Intra- Afghan Talks between Taliban and Afghan politicians is scheduled to take place in in the 14th of April and it would be held in Doha, Qatar. Taliban sources continue to emphasize that the Afghan government representatives can also participate in the meeting, but they are allowed to enter the meeting as individuals, not as the representatives of the Government. This is while the government is currently voting for the deal to participate or decline their presence in the second round of talks between Taliban and Afghan politicians in Qatar.

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