Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Increasing criminal offenses and criminals ‘activities in Kabul have recently enlarged citizens’ concerns, as long as the criminals in the bright day kill, steal, kidnap and even attack security check posts of police forces in the capital of Afghanistan. Kabul citizens have once again called for the attention of security forces, especially the police, to escape from all this panic and insecurity.

But in the latest case, Interior Ministry spokesman Nusrat Rahimi, who was present at the media center at a news conference on Thursday (May 23rd), he has said that police efforts have caused a reduction in the rate of criminal offenses: “Police will no longer be caught, offenders and criminals.” The Interior Ministry has been able to arrest 248 people in the past two months for arresting criminals and illegal activities in Kabul.”

Mr. Rahimi also emphasizes the achievements of the Interior Ministry and says that in the next few months, police have been able to achieve the following achievements:

  • 323 drug detainees arrested
  • Destruction of 54 drug labs by security forces
  • Discover and seized 53 people in accordance with drugs, and destroying of 2 drug stores
  • Collect 1056 of addicts from across Kabul
  • Handle 20 cases of violence against women
  • The detention of 9 people accused of the main perpetrators of rapping on a midwife in Samangan and sending their case to the General Attorney Office are among the cases where the Interior Ministry has been able to perform well.

Mr. Rahimi has continued to report on the reduction of criminal charges over the past month and insists that security forces are trying to secure new plans for the security of the citizens of Kabul. The statements say that Kabul citizens are worried about the increase in criminal offenses, saying security agencies have failed to secure their security.

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