Pasbanan- Kabul:

The Ministry of Defense Newsletter has announced that a survey team has been sent to investigate the status of the security and situation outposts of civil order forces in the western zone to address their problems as soon as possible. Abdul Fattah Forough, the commander of the civil order forces, ordered the troops under his command during a three-day visit to Herat province to avoid any attempt of terrorist attacks to fight the terrorists and defend the borders of the country. He emphasized the elimination all terrorist groups would be the main objective of civil order forces.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Andarabi, commander of the sixth brigade of civil order forces, has welcomed the efforts of his forces under his command to provide security and fight against terrorist attacks. He called on the National Unity Government to provide more public order facilities. However, during the current year in the provinces of Herat and Farah, Taliban attacks on the civil orders police have not been seriously damaged, and the latest Taliban attack on Herat’s Shindand district has been destroyed by at least 20 troops.

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