Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Emran Khorasani

According to the newsletter released by Kunduz Police command, offensive attack of Taliban on “Goor Tepa” district of Kunduz province was set back by police. The newsletter has stated Abdul Baqi Nooristani Kunduz police commander that last night around 12 pm Taliban set an offensive attack on Police check posts in “Goor Tepa” district but their attack was pushed back 4 am, General Nooristani claims that now the area is secured by police forces.

According to Kunduz (PHQ) newsletter in this clash at least 2 insurgents were death and 3 others got injured. Security officials of Kunduz have also claimed that the Taliban launched this operation to distract election process of parliamentary elections in “Goor Tepa” district. General Nooristani has also promised that elections would be held in Kunduz and no one would be allowed to disturb this process. He has stated that the police of Kunduz is ready for protecting citizens.


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