Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Quratullah Lashkari

Brothers of Omar al-Bashir, the deposed president of Sudan, were arrested for corruption charges. A spokesman for the Sudanese military council said at a news conference that Abdullah and Abbas, detained by his deposed Omar al-Bashir brothers, were arrested for corruption. He continues to add that he will give power to the people as soon as possible.

Several sources in Sudan have stated that Omar al-Bashir was taken to (kobar) at the (khartom) Prison last night from his house. Following a rally against the Sudanese government, armed forces arrested state institutions on April 11 and arrested more than 100 members of the national congressional party, while 35 others were also killed during a rally in the Sudanese people.

Awaz bin Awf, the defense minister and chairman of the Sudanese Military Council, announced the arrest of Omar al-Bashir and the beginning of the political transition in the country, saying: “Sudan’s Constitution has been suspended and the prime ministries, parliament and state offices have been dissolved. And the state of emergency for three months and the rules of travel ban for a month throughout Sudan will be established.

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