Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mahdi Nayibi

Today, the construction work of the government’s administrative complex was inaugurated by president Ghani at the Kabul Darulaman. In the ceremony, the foundation stone of the complex was led by President Ghani, during this ceremony he has said that after completing this project, most of the government institutions will be sent be moved from the city center. Mr. Ghani also said: “After completing the work of this building as well as completing the construction work and exploiting this administrative complex, the city center will again be given back to the Kabul citizens. And the Kabul center will be empty from the government institutions. Because all government offices will be located in a specific area. ”

The president, although at the beginning of the National Unity Government, pledged to put all government institutions out of the city center in five years, this complex is now inaugurated after 5 years and at the end of the government’s work. Meanwhile, president Ghani has said that the presence of government centers in the center of Kabul has increased traffic congestion and security challenges.

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