Pasbanan- Kabul:

Shershah Nawabi

At the height of disappointments on behalf of peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban, today Talib fighters announced 3 days’ cease-fire in Eid holy days. Now, this decision is welcomed by Afghanistan High peace council. Sayed Ehsan Tahiri spokesman for High Peace Council (HPC) told PMG: “High Peace Council welcome this decision which is made by Taliban recently. This initiative from both sides was made at the first stage by Afghanistan president and today Taliban announced the cease-fire.”

Mr. Tahiri believes: “Afghan government hopes that this decision will provide the pattern for starting direct and face to face talks with Afghan Taliban’s. And it will end to a sustainable peace in the country. We also hope that this initiative will bring a long-term cease-fire and confidence building on both sides, and we believe that confidence building will support Afghanistan government to fulfill peace and stability in the country.”

At the same time, High Peace Council is optimistic that this decision of Taliban will facilitate the group to concentrate on President Ghani’s peace proposal. High Peace Council spokesman added: “We are hopeful that soon we will be the witness of starting peace talks with the government opponents. I think this decision which is made by Taliban will help us to urge the group for concentrating on Afghan president peace proposal and accept it.”

High Peace Council also said: we are hopeful that Taliban will accept Afghan government peace proposal as a suggestion of Afghan citizens and it will pave the path for the beginning of face to face peace talks.


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