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Reporter: Morteza Haidari

According to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) statistics, in the 2018 parliamentary elections of Afghanistan, at least three million eight hundred and twenty-five thousand voters participated and used their voting rights. Officials say that at least 33 percent of voters were women. Aziz Ebrahimi, member of the Independent Election Commission’s Media Committee (IEC), said in an interview to Pasbanan Media Group News agency: “In the parliamentary elections which were held in 20th October of 2018, three million eight hundred and twenty-five thousand people used their votes in the country and they went to the polling centers in 32 provinces of Afghanistan. Which accounted for 67 percent of voters were men and 33 percent of them were women. ”

Foreign media have reported that the presence of this large number of women in the parliamentary elections in the country has been a record-breaking record, for instance with 52 percent of the women voted in the polling stations of Jowzjan province. The Ministry of Interior Affairs also considers the presence of women in polling stations a clear sign of implementing democracy. “The presence of women in the present election process extensively shows that Afghanistan is another step towards the institutionalization of democracy, and the presence of countless women in these elections centers has shown that panic,” said Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish, The Afghans cannot test the well of the Afghan citizens toward stability and having an accountable government. ”

the widespread presence of citizens especially women in the 2018 elections is known as the sign of success in the process and also the role of media was an unforgettable move toward democracy in the war-torn country. “The election of the House of Representatives in 2018 was a good opportunity to defeat the ideas of extremism,” said Firooz Bashari, head of the government’s media and information center. “Just as an example the presence of women in polling centers provides new opportunities for the Afghan people, we must not forget that the role of media has been a tremendous sign that no one can ignore the role of them especially in engaging to encourage women to participate in this process. ”

The parliamentary elections were held in 4525 centers and 21,000 locations in 32 provinces, where the Taliban launched 193 security events to disrupt the electoral process throughout the country but they were failed in their attempts. According to reports it is set that on Saturday, parliamentary elections in Kandahar are scheduled to take place after a week’s delay.

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