Pasbanan- Kabul:

Moscow hosted a regional meeting two days ago with the participation of Orientalists and scholars aware of the issues in the Central Asian region. The meeting was hosted by Liu Gomelo Center with the participation of scientists and orientalists from Afghanistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, and Tajikistan. At this conference, participants believe scholars believed that no strategy could provide peace in Afghanistan unless a map of Russia’s path for Afghan peace was taken. In addition, the Middle East experts have said that the Kabul process and Tashkent conference will not have much effect on peace in Afghanistan. Chief of Lev Gumilev Centre Pavel Zariffulin in his speech focused on the point that Moscow’s platform for discussion of security questions and transition to a peace process in Afghanistan has a number of advantages. He said: «Even though during the second round of Kabul Process Ashraf Ghani called on Taliban to start peace process on unprecedented conditions like recognition of Taliban as a political party, he didn’t receive any official response from them The conference in Tashkent adopted a declaration. Main points of the declaration are that the peace process should be implemented by citizens of Afghanistan (Tramp’s administration also agrees) and Taliban will be recognized as a political party. Unfortunately, the US and other NATO members are pointedly ignoring consultations in Russia, though Moscow’s platform could become the only really working place for peace process in Eurasia, building on its historical experience of peaceful cooperation between different nations form Russian Empire period to building of the USSR», – Chief of Lev Gumilev Centre noted.»

Lessya Karataeva, the principal research scientist of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies, had a speech about main trends, which determine contemporary threats of terrorism. It is “return” of Al-Qaeda and change of status of ISIS.

«Now the key element of new Al-Qaeda strategy is a transfer of terrorist activity to information space. As a result, we can see a decrease of expeditionary terrorism and rise of homegrown terrorism – explosions in crowded public areas.

Umbrella structure of the organization was forced by a franchise. Actually, it gives an opportunity to use local specific. Terrorist acts in western countries were strictly prohibited since 2013 because it could cause casualties among ordinary Muslims. It helped to build an image of moderate extremists, which is opposed to the violent image of ISIS. Now Al-Qaeda also has a well-known representative, as before. Today it is Hamza Bin Laden, son of the founder of the organization.

Omar Nessar, the director of Modern Afghanistan Research Centre made a speech dedicated to changes in politics and security in Afghanistan after 2014. He underlined the current crisis of legitimacy in Afghan political system and presence of separatist pressures.

«Afghanistan have to create or establish a new way of power division. There are some options, which have already been created by Afghan politicians. One of them is to give more power to a prime minister of the country because now the only person who has a lot of power is president. The other is to make parliament stronger. Moreover, there are some politicians who suggest even federalism.

Nikita Karavayev, an orientalist from Belarus, raised the important question about the security of Hazara young people amid conflict in Syria.

«Some Afghans think that Iranian Consulates recruit Hazara people to go to Syria and fight. They form Liva Fatemiyun division and come back as experienced soldiers under the control of IRGG. It is not actually 100% true. If they go to this division, they receive $500-700 a month, so they won’t come back to Afghanistan. At the same time, an average salary of migrant on the east of Iran is usually $70».

Discussions on the fight against drug trafficking, regional cooperation to end the Afghan crisis and the division of power among all ethnic groups in Afghanistan At the end of the meeting, Ana Dekruliuskaya, responsible for the Levi Gomelo Internet site, urged all Afghan intelligence experts to take the lead in Central Asia.

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