Kabul Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Mahdi Nayibi

Residents in Oshtorle district of Daikundi warns that insecurity in the district has raised. The residents claim that after the fighting intensified in the district, unidentified gunmen besieged the houses and gave them one day opportunity to pay money and then return to their houses. The residents of the district, who are now displaced to the Indigenous Daikundi area, emphasize that their lives are facing a serious threat.

A local resident tells the Pasbanan News Agency that local commanders have requested 50,000 Afghanis from them instead of returning to their houses, but they are not able to raise that amount, which has increased the threat to their lives. Oshtorle district residents emphasize that their homes will be destroyed if they do not pay money to the powerful local commanders who have sieged their houses without any reason.

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