Afghan Minister of Interior Wais Ahmad Barmak on Sunday said that since the beginning of the year Pakistani troops have fired nearly 9,000 missiles into Afghanistan.

Barmak and other security officials were summoned to the Meshrano Jirga (Upper House of Parliament) to answer questions over Pakistan’s campaign to fence the Durand Line – the de facto border.

The Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) said however that it has established check posts along the Durand Line in order to prevent Pakistan’s infiltration.

Security officials said Pakistan claims to be establishing its own check posts along the Durand Line, stating the reason was to fight terrorism. However, Afghan officials reject this claim.

“They have fenced in some places and established check-posts for their own security and defense issues,” said Barmak.

“When pressure increases on Pakistan, they clear some parts through this move,” said Helaluddin Helal, the Defense Minister’s Assistant for Strategic Defense and Intelligence Affairs.

According to security officials the lack of military equipment is hindering Afghanistan in responding to Pakistan’s cross border firing.

“Our Air Force is not in a position to help us to patrol our borders and provide support in time,” said Helal.

But Barmak said “8,823 missiles have been fired into Afghanistan soil (since the beginning of the year) and a number of people killed including five policemen.”

This comes after numerous calls by Senators for government to resolve the Durand Line issue with Pakistan.


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