Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

Currently, nearly 1.5 million Afghan refugees are officially registered with the Pakistani government. In the latest issue Pakistani media, have reported that the government has decided to issue a bank card to Afghan refugees as one of their main rights. The decision was made by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, according to media reports. Media sources quoted the country’s prime minister as saying: “Now a number of Afghan refugees who are living in the geography of Pakistan benefit from the right to receive bank cards and other legal services, the Pakistani government is trying to provide more facilities to Afghanistan asylum-seekers in its territory.”

The report comes at a time when Imran Khan, at the time of launching election campaign and after taking power in Pakistan, said that Afghan refugees will be able to receive the same rights as the Pakistani people have from now on. Now, this issue has become a concern for a number of Afghan citizens, and they belief that Islamabad is working on a new trick in order to infiltrate Afghans.

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