Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Written: Sadaf Khuram

Afghanistan and Pakistan are long-standing enemies who have come to the forefront. President Ghani, with his recent trip to Pakistan, tried to re-establish the dark relations between Kabul and Islamabad after the overwhelming efforts of the reign of national unity, in fact, after 18 years, this was the first time in appearance that the Afghan National Unity government is trying to change its interrelationships between the two countries that has took on another color.

With the formation of a national unity government, the Afghan government took on a different policy towards Pakistan, where the national unity government headed by the president Ghani tried to isolate Islamabad globally, and that all countries in the region and the world were linked to Pakistan has a regional consensus in the cancerous area, but the perseverance and vigilance of Pakistani politicians has shifted this trend and took on all the expectations of Afghanistan, as long as Islamabad succeeded in liberating Mullah Bradar, the Taliban’s deputy and The chairman of the group’s office in Qatar. This issue changed the view of the Americans again. In fact, with this work, Pakistan has largely escaped global pressures, and this has led NATO and the United States, two key ally of Afghanistan in the current battle, to shift from less-than-expected Pakistan’s efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan.

The appearance of the coming visit of Ghani’s president to Pakistan was a message of regional reconciliation, but the insurgents attacked a terrorist attack targeting one of the military units of the Ministry of Defense and was likely to be planted in Pakistan. It was apparent from the implications of the attack that Pakistan has not been stripped of its vicious game again, as well as the efforts of the president to normalize the relations between Kabul and Islamabad. Appearing citizens of Afghanistan, accusing Islamabad of emphasizing that improving relations with Pakistan will be effective when a puppet government is in line with Pakistan’s strategic goals in the country.

Now, the families of the victims want the Afghan government to eliminate the terrorists and to end the Islamabad intervention in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, in order to ensure that the United States, as well as the national unity government, resolutely guarantee Islamabad the country will once again Pan-terrorist groups do not support. Along with that, the citizens want the government to increase sanctions on Islamabad by revealing the financial resources and support of the Taliban in Pakistan until the violence in Afghanistan is reduced.

In addition, the use of the most dangerous explosives in the aftermath of the attack on Monday revealed that the materials were designed for open borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan, so that Afghan citizens would demand their rule as a system responsible for blood revenge The martyrs of the Pan-Afghan terrorist attack took place in the following days, especially in the attack on Kabul Monday. Otherwise, any negligence and indifference of the government will increase the gap between the citizens and the outcome of Kabul’s efforts to contain the threats of Islamabad in the region will not be sustainable.

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