Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

Islamabad called for the end to tensions with India peacefully. Officials have said that Instead of fighting, India and Pakistan should focus on improving the quality of their people.

“We do not believe in the war and we want to resolve our differences by dialogue,” said Arif Alavi, during the commemoration ceremony of the “Republic Day” that portrayed somehow all Pakistani military equipment.  We should focus on the education and health of our nations instead of the war.”

“The parade today is a message for India,” said Mr. Alavi, referring to the military power of Pakistan, “that we are peacekeepers, but we will never forget our defense.” However, the tension between these two nuclear neighbors last month increased following an attack by a terrorist group called Jaish-e-Mohammad in the Indian-controlled area of Pulwama -Kashmir, the event took the lives of 40 military men in India, which claimed responsibility for the Pakistani Islamist Jaish-Mohammed group.

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