Pasbanan- Kabul:

Approximately 60,000 Pakistani military men are expected to move along the Afghan border. Familiar sources in the Pakistani army have said that nearly 60 percent of the troops are currently in training, and they will soon be moving to patrol the border between the two countries. These sources have sparked the displacement of Pakistani fresh forces at the border to prevent terrorists from crossing the two countries.

The Pakistani military officials have not yet been stated officially on this issue, but Pakistani military sources have said that up to now 13 percent of the fencing has been completed along the Durand line, and replaced by fresh forces on the border With Afghanistan, the sources has claimed that our objective is to prevent terrorists from traveling to both countries. Afghanistan and Pakistan have an open border of 2,400 km. It should be noted that the Afghan and Pakistani border forces have been involved in border areas several times in the recent years.

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