Pasbanan- Kabul

While Washington expects to increase its pressure on Islamabad to stop its cooperation with insurgents, But in the most recent case, the Pakistani foreign minister has said: “If United States wants an end to fight in Afghanistan, then it’s worth fencing along the borders,” he said. The Pakistan newspaper website has also written: “Pakistan showed a new path to end America’s longest battle in Afghanistan.” The newspaper also wrote that while the United States launched an erosion campaign in Afghanistan, it is now seeking a solution to get rid of this battle.

The Pakistani newspaper quoted Khwaja Mohammad Asif Pakistan’s foreign minister: “The United States must pay fencing coast along common border between Afghanistan and Pakistan; I think this deal will be cheaper for Washington, for now the battle of Afghanistan is more than this cost. Every day there are 70,000 people whom are travelling along the border. Without this fencing, it’s very difficult for us to monitor them. But we are determined to do so by 2019. ”

Fencing along Durand hypothetical line has become an indescribable puzzle. Because residents in two sides of the line believe they are citizens of Afghanistan, they never accept this view. Previously, the Afghan government has told: recognizing Durand line as an official border is authority of citizen in the country.

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