Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

After the assassination of General Abdul Raziq Kandahar police chief, President Ghani went to Kandahar to join the funeral ceremony of General Abdul Raziq, in a meeting with his family president Ghani emphasized that the attack on Afghan and foreign military officials were planned in Pakistan. He emphasized: “We call on Pakistan to bring the perpetrators of this incident to Afghan government as soon as possible, so the new government in Islamabad must accept an international investigation on their territory and they should accept this issue,” said Mr. Ghani, “as the evidence shows this attack was planned in Pakistan soil and it is better to Pakistani administration to cooperate with international investigators for following this issue.”

Now, all these claims of Afghan president are called baseless and fundamentally groundless. The Foreign Ministry spokesman of Pakistan told a news conference that the Afghan government has resumed the media blaming game with Pakistan. Dr. Mohammad Faisal said: “This claim is charged by Afghan government officials without any investigation or providing intelligence evidence to Pakistan. Indeed, the government of Afghanistan has begun accusation games and, instead of solving it through diplomatic channels, they have used mass media and have already started blaming games. ”

This is while Afghan military experts have condemned General Abdul Raziq’s assassination as an excuse for the region’s intelligence, particularly Pakistan, to launch a popular uprising against US troops in Kandahar.

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