Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Lutfullah Nejrabi

Although as Islamabad is considered a cancerous tumor in the region, its origins have widened in logic by use of violence and the terrorist groups misuse in any means to spread its position in the region, but after global pressures and increased tensions between India, the country military troops Has threatened to suppress rebel groups that threaten the interests of regional countries. According to reports, Pakistani military officials have said that the fight against terrorist groups are heavily underway in the country’s geography.

These officials add that Islamabad is well-positioned to fight against the blacklist named terrorists recognized by United Nations, and has so far arrested 44 terrorist groups affiliated with Jaish Mohammad and some other extremist groups in Pakistan. Pakistani military officials have also claimed that the fight against these extremist groups are part of its long-term plan, not a response to Islamabad’s tension with India.

While New Delhi, by launching air operations and targeting the safe heavens of terrorists in Kashmir under the domination of Pakistan, has emphasized that Islamabad has not only failed in the fight against terrorist attacks, but also as one of the major supporters of panic groups The in the region.

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