Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

“Qawmi Watan Pakistan” party leader Ahmad Khan Shirpao said that peace talks in Afghanistan should be inclusive. “The Afghan peace talks with the Taliban must be inclusive and all parties including Afghan government must be present, in addition, these dialogues should result in delivering tangible results in the region and also in Afghanistan,” the newsletter of Qawmi Watan party reported.

On the basis of the newsletter, Aftab Ahmad Khan Shirpao raised this issue, during a meeting with Atef Mashal, the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, and he has emphasized: “The region has been fighting for four decades, the opportunity provided to secure lasting peace in Afghanistan should not be wasted. All parties must act cautiously to bring peace talks to logical conclusions; I believe that peace-building in Afghanistan can prevent a regional crisis. ”

The statement came a day after Maleeha Lodhi, the permanent representative of Pakistan at the United Nations, warned that if the tension between India and Pakistan continues, the crisis may affect the process of Afghan peace talks.

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