Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Fawad Nawabi

Some politicians in Pakistan have warned Afghanistan after tension increased between Islamabad and New Delhi that the continuation of this trend will have adverse consequences for the Afghan peace process. “The continuation of the crisis between Pakistan and India should be fully focused on the border areas in the east of the two countries,” Reuters quoted Maleeha Lodhi saying, “The continuation of the crisis between Pakistan and India will be focused on the western borders also which will affect Afghanistan,” said Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations. “If this trend continues, it may affect the western regions also. After the tensions raised between Islamabad and New Delhi, Pakistan has reduced its focus on Afghanistan’s conflict resolution process, and it may have worst and weaken effects on the peace talks with the Taliban. ”

Earlier the Pakistani ambassador to Kabul warned that if the tensions between Islamabad and Delhi will be continued, Afghanistan’s peace process would be damaged, a case that prompted the government’s anger and spokesman for the country’s president urged Islamabad, instead of unnecessarily warnings, Pakistan should focus on the destruction of terrorist’s safe haven in the geography of Pakistan. The tensions between Islamabad and New Delhi have spread since the death of 40 Indian soldiers in the Pulwama area of Kashmir under the Indian government control, and the Indian army and air force have been targeting several insurgents hideout by air and artillery power in response to the attack. In addition to the terrorist attacks, a number of Pakistani troops have also been killed in the battles.

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