Kabul- Pasbanan:

While ISIL presence in Afghanistan has created magnificent concerns in the country and broader, there is some breaking news that currently, ISIL fighters have started their recruitment in Panjshir province. A well-known source on the issue who was speaking on condition of anonymity told Pasbanan news: “two Iraqi families are now in Panjshir using Tahreer Party name as a shield. They have already entered Panjshir from Nuristan and currently, they are supported by their loyalists; they have come to this province through Nuristan and Laghman provinces.”

The source is recognizing the numbers of this 2 families 15 people, which their native language is Arabic and they are able to communicate in the Persian language also. He adds: “probably right now these two families are living in some parts of Abshar and Hesay dowom districts of Panjshir. It is worth to say that right now more than dozens have obeyed them in this province. Until now there was no military move by these families but, the taught are that these families are responsible for recruitment in Panjshir province.”

The source gives further information: “the previous Tahreer party loyal are currently obeying them and they are protecting this 2 families. We believe that possibly their presence is for having control on emerald and Azure mines and also for providing a financial source to these people right now they are willing to sell and spread use of narcotics in Panjshir.”

Meanwhile, some military analysts confirmed this issue to Pasbanan and also said the main question is how these families are currently based in Panjshair. Atiqullah Amar Khail who was speaking with Pasbanan said: “the big question is how these families reach Panjshir by Nuristan and currently they are looking for recruitment in there. From one side it will increase regional concerns about ISIS presence in Afghanistan and from another side, it will help for instability in the secure provinces of the country.”

But Interior ministry is refusing this issue and has known this issue as a baseless report.

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