abul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

photographer: morteza haidary

The General Director of Afghanistan passport directorate believes that paper identification is one of the biggest challenges in the process of distributing passports in the country. Sayed Omar Sabor raised this challenge in the opening ceremony of “online passport system online”, he emphasized to say that the distribution of paper-based identifiers has become a serious trouble for the office. He underlines that the Afghan General Passport Office still does not have a standard building, and this challenge has put Passport staff to a big trouble.

“The passports of Afghanistan after several years of work and the new design are now unique in the region, and security is insignificant in the new Afghan birth certificates, we try to make passport security every year,” said Mr. Sabor. In addition, the passport distribution system in Afghanistan is in a better condition, and now no group has the ability to carry out cyber-attacks on the Passport system of this administration.”

The general director of the passport emphasizes on improving the status of passports in the country. According to the statistics, after the upgrade of the passports distribution in the country, now this department have got the ability to distribute 10 thousand computer passports to Afghan citizens daily.

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