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While holding the upcoming election in Afghanistan has created several questions, in recent issue one of Parwan province possible candidate claims that several officials of the government are trying to work for their interest in upcoming elections by using governmental tools. He also added they are looking to launch early election campaign for their own or relative’s interests. Abdul Aziz Hakimi Parwan’s possible candidate for Parliament says: while up to now the campaign process of the candidates is not started officially, but some local officials are trying to have peoples vote by force or by electing several people on the governmental positions. Their goal is to bring a massive fraud in the upcoming elections process.

Mr. Hakimi also warned, if it once again injustice will be made in the upcoming parliamentary elections, he will hold a huge civil marsh in Parwan, he also added: “We hope that government will find a better solution for this issue, if once again we face injustice than we will have civic moves against this injustice. We will apply to Afghanistan elders, International community, European Union, US and UK embassies and all those organizations which are involved in the election process.”

The Afghan businessman and also a possible nominee from Parwan province says that his and also friends goal to be a part of Afghan parliament is to fight against injustice and also achieving the rights of ordinary peoples. He added: “my goal is to be the voice of people, especially the voice of the big Northern Alliance people, I want to raise their voice that international community and the world should listen to this voice, we will fight against unlawful and injustice acts, currently afghan government is playing with the youth’s destiny and also unemployment’s for this generation is the biggest problem. Until not the US and also its allies were unable to boost the economy in Afghanistan especially in Parwan province.”

Mr. Hakimi also highlighted: the government is unable to provide work but every year we face a massive graduation from the universities in the country that creates new challenges. He also adds: instead of this procedure government must make vocational universities cause Afghanistan need for a massive work in different professions.

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