Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammaddin Agharkhil

Parwaiz Musharraf, a former Pakistani dictator and former head of the country’s Army, was speaking as with the Pakistani media in Dubai. Parwaiz Musharraf, has suggested to the media that if Islamabad is seeking to defeat New Delhi, then Israel should be chosen as a friend. Musharraf added in an interview with Pakistani media: “If we are trying to grab India and eliminate the threats of that country, I would suggest the easiest way, that the new Pakistani government should have contacts with Israeli officials and Ask for help from that country.”

Parwaiz Musharraf has emphasized: “During my presidency, I tried more than ever to establish relations with Israel. Since Pakistan is an Islamic state with powerful manners, the Israelis think that if they have a relationship with Islamabad, they can have a prominent position among Islamic countries, so I think that this is a good opportunity for us to get India out of our way.”

International relations experts believe that Islamabad will use any option for survival because Pakistani military is speaking the first and final word. “I think that this message was for Pakistan’s military generals which was released by Parwaiz Musharraf,” said Najib Mujadidi, an international relations expert and professor of the university, “because he knows that his colleagues, especially the head of the Pakistan military who is one of the fans of Musharraf, can provide these ties.  Therefore, Islamabad and ultimately Pakistanis are ready to interact with any group in the world to survive.” Said Mujadidi in a phone conversation with Pasbanan.

Earlier, the Pakistani army spokesman had warned India that Islamabad did not want to fight; however, if New Delhi were to use military option, then any action would be taken against them

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