Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahil

Officials from Brishna Company in Parwan have stated that at least a handful of people in the province, whose numbers are not mentioned, are lending 50 million Afghanis from their electricity payment fees.

Engineer Nasser Ahmadi, director of Brishna Company, told media that with excessive efforts by the authorities of the administration, they could not afford this amount of money from the powerful and influential of the Parwan province. Meanwhile, Mr. Ahmadi added: “By acquiring this money, the electricity process will begin in some districts, and if the powerful and influential of Parwan province pay their electricity fees, the company can significantly change the lives of the people by bringing them electricity.”

These statements came as the DBS headquarters said earlier that a number of top officials in the Afghan government refused to pay their electricity fees and they are lending this money from a long time.

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