Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Abdullah Abdullah, the country’s chief of staff at the Cran Montana meeting, said that on the one hand today, the world is witnessing new tensions and challenges, and, on the other hand, opportunities have been created to bring peace to the communities. Mr. Abdullah has said: “Forty years our nation and our people have suffered from war and instability. We will go to the elections in the coming months, and we hope that we will have transparent, fair and credible elections. People support and livelihood welcomes the democratic process in the country and is at war with the terrorists and the backward forces in this spirit. Peace efforts with the help of friendly countries in Afghanistan continue. We hope that these efforts will lead, and we will see peace and stability in Afghanistan. ”

Mr. Abdullah added: “I want to emphasize that achievement of peace, stability, and development, which is the main slogan of this summit, requires understanding and mutual respect between countries. In our world, tolerance and a consensus is a virtue and a necessity.” The meeting was held while the chief executive visit on the sidelines this meeting with the President of Armenia, Prime Minister Tuvalu, Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Castoff, chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for the Co-operation of the Region of West Africa (ECOS) and a number of other political figures, spoke on his views on various issues.

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