Pasbanan- Kabul:

National Security Advisor who is currently in a trip to Washington, has told that peace proposal with Taliban would be last chance for peace, stability and also for Taliban fighters to give their weapons. Mohammad Hanif Atmar, was speaking in Peace institute of America once again said that terrorism is a common treat to globe and emphasized on joint efforts for countering these phenomena. Mr. Atmar adds: peace proposal is last chance for Taliban, for those who wants to turn to their normal live, this proposal will give them this fortuitous but, Taliban must understand that they will not win by war, because we are going to pressurize them much more.

Mr. Atmar, also highlighted that while afghan government is sending peace deal offer for Taliban, they have a new war campaign strategy. He also added: by announcement of US strategy for south Asia now Taliban are facing a new phase of pressures and we hope that they will come to peace. Mr. Hanif Atmar is warning Taliban in a time while that they have increased their attack on cites of Afghanistan by the beginning of 1397 year.

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