Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sherzad Mohammadi

While US victory in the talks with the Taliban is considered Donald Tramp’s victory in the upcoming US elections, but the sources among Taliban has claimed the their peace talks in Doha have not made any progress so far. Some sources among the Taliban has also told media that the talks had been pulled to the nineteenth day but had no results yet.

Taliban sources have also claimed that there are posibblaites that USA and Taliban delegates would sign a memorandum of understanding if they agreed upon the issues which has been discussed by both sides, but bargaining continues to gain more credit from the two sides. Peace talks between the Taliban and the American delegation resumed on Saturday and it is still ongoing in Qatar center of Doha.

A national security adviser to the UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Afghanistan emphasized that peace talks will come to an end when the Taliban will talk step to set directly with the Afghan government. Hamdullah Moheb Afghan NSC advisor warned the United Nations Security Council that peace would not be tolerated by the Taliban if the regional states did not agree on the fight against terrorist attacks.

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