Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

More than two hundred women in Khost gathered, in a meeting at the Jirga Hall of the province, and called on the Taliban to end their violence and agree to ceasefire. In this letter, the Taliban have been asked to enter into peace talks with the Afghan government. The participants also praised the talks between the United States and the Taliban.

Taliban negotiators in Qatar said earlier that they are trying to reach a peace deal by negotiating with the US special envoy in Doha of Qatar, and they are determined to end the ongoing war in Afghanistan. The Taliban also wrote in a message that Qatar’s meeting on how foreign troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan was also discussed between them, the Taliban insisted in their message if they reach to a peace deal with US all of their fighters would join the Afghan army with after withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan.

Khost women sent the letter to the Taliban in a time that, Taliban launched aggressive attack on 2015 Maiwand corps early Friday with nearly 20 of the group’s fighters launching an invasion attack. Reports indicate that at least 70 military men were killed and injured in this clash.

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