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Shekaib Nazari:

Justice ministry of Afghansitan has announced that they have already dominated controversial law of marriage. Amman Reyazat spokesman of Justice Ministry told media in a press conference: the goal of penetrating this law is eliminating anti-Islamic practices, preventing huge costs, providing facilities for marriage ceremonies, and ultimately preventing the moral distortion of youth in society.

But what exactly are the provisions of this law anticipated? According to Mr. Reyazat, the number of guests must not exceed more than 500 people and the cost of food for each guest is considered to be 400 Afs. Additionally, it is forbidden to take money from the bride’s family for the sake of paying tribute, gifts, dowry, and other items. The spokesman for Ministry of Justice adds that the imposition of Eidi, Barati, Ramazani, Nowruzi and other superstitious traditions on the bride’s family is also banned by the adoption of this law.

With the adoption of this law, two opposing views have been created in the community, some praise the enactment of the law. And others consider the adoption of this law as an intervention of government in their privacy.



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