Kabul – Afghanistan (GRP):

Reporter: Mohammad Nabi Karimi

The former Pakistani president has been sentenced to execution by a special court in connection with the high treason case.

According to the Pasbanan, a special court has been held this morning (17 December) to handle the high treason case. Judge Waqar, in charge of the Musharraf case, dismissed Mr. Musharraf’s plea to suspend the country’s constitution on suspicion of treason, while refusing to grant a final vote. The Special Tribunal of Pakistan has said that Musharraf suspended the constitution and violated the country’s laws on November 3, and he is now found guilty and sentenced to death.

Meanwhile, a court ruling on the case of treason has been issued against Pervez Musharraf after six years. The former Pakistani military ruler was admitted to a hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on March 5 this year for aggravated by a type of illness called “dangerous.”

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