A two-day photo exhibition of 60 photographs opened in Kabul on Wednesday in support of Afghan Security and Defense Force members and features the life and activities of soldiers.

“The exhibition has been organized to tell the people that our forces are vibrant, and they fight to defend the country day and night,” said Atia Mehraban, deputy head of Hemayat Network, the organizer of the event.

“The Afghan forces need to be supported. This event is to support the forces,” said Safiullah Sultani, head of the network.

Event organizers said the security forces are sometimes criticized for not preventing insurgent attacks in the city but they are foiling dozens of subversive incidents every month.

“Every terrorist incident which occurs in the country, the security forces are questioned. Some people believe that security forces are not paying attention (to the problem), but this is not true; the forces prevent dozens of such incidents every month,” said Tarannum Sayedi, a civil society activist.

Afghanistan has at least 350,000 security force members who are involved in maintaining security across the country.


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