Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhill

Following the election of Mir Rahman Rahmani as Head of the House of Representatives, members of Parliament tried to solve this issue using physical force. The event came to a head when the interim president elected Mir Rahman Rahmani, who had won 123 votes, as the permanent chairman. But the members of the parliament were unbearable and, in order to resolve this incident, fought in the first curses of the Nasar, and then they came to a fiasco.

Zelmohammad Zalmai, a representative of the Panjshir people, has been knocking over and helping others with his fellow soldiers in order to be able to support Mr. Rahmani, according to reports. The parliament ended this issue. The reports come from within the House, which still has conflict and tension, and until now the final decision on the transfer of the presidency has not been taken to Mir Rahman Rahmani.

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