Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

A day ago, the Pasbanan news agency received a report from various sources in Paghman district alleging “gang rape of a bus driver by 5 girls” in Paghman district of Kabul city. But now the Ministry of Interior and the Kabul Police Command deny that this news is unfounded and baseless.

Meanwhile, sources that have confirmed the same news to the news reporter of the Pasbanan News agency, refuse to provide further details on this issue for some reasons. The Pasbanan news agency Management team officially apologize from the Ministry of Interior, Kabul Police command and respected residents of Paghman district. We have always been active as a professional agency and we are committed to the standard values of journalism and aspirations based on the well of the citizens of the country and we will continue our activities on this base.

Since the Pasbanan news agency is acting as an independent and non-affiliated institution among the media outlets of the country, the image posted on the site was also mistakenly taken from an Iranian news site, which was an insult to the women of the country, and we apologize from all women, especially the girls seriously, who will suffer from this allegation. We are excused for this mistake and we commit that we will have serious majors in this regard after this incident.

Therefore, we wish to be pardon by our technical mistake in connection with this and we hope for having batter work for the nation we urge you to share your taught and ideas with us in order to reform our professional criteria.


With regards

Shershah Nawabi

Founder and CEO of Pasbanan News Agency

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