Pasbanan- Kabul:

Following the creation of a coalition called “Coalition for the rescue of Afghanistan”, members of the political coalition warned if the government does not respond to the proposals of political parties and Politicians, Afghanistan will go through the crisis.  Ata Mohammad Noor, a member of the coalition, said that soon will share their political agenda with Afghan citizens after sharing, their concepts with prominent figure and especially Hamid Karzai ex-President of the country in a few days. The members of the coalition are calling for transparent elections in the country and they insist on the will of political parties.

Several leaders of the political movement have criticized the government hardly, adding that the leaders of the Afghan National Unity government have been brought the country to the brink of crisis. At this meeting, the political opponents of government see President Ghani as a person who is destroying the country. They accuse Mr. Ghani of fomenting ethnic and tribal differences.

This coalition is considered one of the largest opposition political opponents of the government that has been formed in the past few years. The leadership of this coalition is formed by the Afghan people’s parties, the people of Afghanistan, the Islamic population, the Islamic Movement, the Islamic Unity Party, the new Afghan National Front, the representatives of the great Kandahar councils, the great leader and Loy Paktiya, and a number of political currents and personalities.

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