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The reporter of Monir Mokhtar

Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic in the world, called the reporters a major contributor to the work of the media and sought to find out the truth about their media power. He condemned the attack on reporters and said journalists should try to work in the field of accurate information and thus violate the news and the news.

Francis stressed in his speech that journalists should stand up to the victims and stand up to those who are always oppressed and victimized.

“There is a lot of problems facing reporters around the world,” said Tom Petriisha, president of the Foreign Press Association yesterday in Rome. But the existence of free and independent media is more perceptible than ever before. Patrisha continued, “Free media in the struggle Anti-tyranny and abuse of power in the world play an important role. Prior to this, Pope Francis and his close friends praised journalists for sensitive cases. When reports of child sexual abuse were reported in a number of churches, the Pope stood in support of journalists.

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