Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

The 209th Shahin Corps said that at the same time as the Arghanjkhwah district of Badakhshan was taking over, the residents of the district were also preparing for a popular uprising against the Taliban is witnessing a recapture operation by army commando forces now, in order to clean up the villages in the district, in order to push back Taliban from the province people has upraised against them. The Shahin Corps also said that the recapture has begun last night and the Taliban have suffered heavy casualties.

It is also said that a popular uprising has been formed against the Taliban after which the group militants killed a local police commander and his son while attacking the building of Arghanjkhwah district police commander compound in the district. After a 20-hour clash with the police in the district, the Taliban managed to capture the police and district command post.

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