Kabul-Afghanistan (GSP):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Following the publication of reports alleging on Abu Bakr-Ul-Baghdadi, the leader of the ISIS defeat group that has stated on Baghdadi presences in Afghanistan, there are now some new developments on this case that the ISIL’s failed leadership is willing to have they are safe havens in Afghanistan. In the latest Indian media reports, ISIS militants have reported that after publishing of Abu Bakr-Ul-Baghdadi presence video in Afghanistan, they have claimed that now ISIS has created a new branch under the name of the ISJK Group (Islamic State of Jammu and Kashmir), and The group is looking to join Kashmiri insurgent group of ISIS fighters from Afghanistan it is also said that jointly these two groups are willing to resume the rehabilitation program of ISIS from South Asia.

In most recent case it has been said that the ISIL group is currently working on a new wave of propaganda to revive ISIL’s failed Islamic caliphate, Indian intelligence specialist Lalet Shaw Thakur, has said in an interview with Zee News media: “At the moment, ISIL and Jayesh Mohammed insurgents are working under coordination of ISI to make the ISIS group more active in Southeast Asia,” said Mr. Tucker. “In the most recent case, nearly a week ago, the ISI had held a series of secret meetings between ISIL escape commanders from Iraq and Syria and commanders of the Jayesh-Mohammed group in Kashmir. It is supposed that ISIL this time is willing to gain big geography instead of the lost caliphate in Syria and Iraq but this time the group will revive their infiltrator in South Asia. ”

According to the statics released by the Afghan government, there are now more than 2000 ISIL fighters in Afghanistan, the main base of this group is said that have been established in eastern parts of the country and close to the Pakistan border. Intelligence officials believe the creation of ISIS bases in the east of the country has been selected to fund and equip the group by ISI in a very easy way.

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