Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shersha Nawabi

Political parties, through publication of a newsletter, have provided the government with a clear and fair precondition for holding free and transparent presidential elections in the country. The parties also said that the future of Afghanistan depends on launching fair and transparent elections, providing credibility to parliamentary elections, and peace talks with the Taliban. According to this newsletter, political parties holding have put three conditions for holding presidential elections which would be acceptable to them: (The use of ten fingers in a biometric system or, an eye scanning, and taking a voter’s photo while registration and inserting the photo in electoral database should be used.)

In addition, political parties want to use advanced technologies when voting and counting votes, and the list of registration in polling centers and venues must be announced through the website of the election commissions as well as through the digital media.

The newsletter also emphasizes that the government should provide the parties with effective monitoring of the electoral processes, make necessary amendments to the documents, procedures and senior leadership of election commissions, and prevent launching pre-election campaigns across the country. In addition, the political parties have said that according to the talks Taliban in their newsletter they have written that this process should be conducted with the participation of all political and ethnic groups in Afghanistan, and these groups must reach to a joint understanding a series of basic principles related to peace. Political parties have suggested that this peace talks must be held by Afghans and in formation of quartet and national players, besides, in the peace process, political parties should not be forgotten by the government of Afghanistan.

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