Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Earlier, the Pasbanan News Agency found some documents in accordance to the moral corruption of senior adviser to the president on social Solidarity and the welfare of ethnic minority’s affairs in which he had been accused of moral corruption and fleeing a widowed wife from her home. According to the reports, this was the key reason, that the Afghan Chief Executive office dismissed him from the advisory board. But in the most recent case, some social media pages, especially the Facebook page Called “موسسه حقوقی دادگستری” “legal Justice Institute have published some documents.

On the basis of the first degree paper of Afghan CEO Office which is presented on social networks, it is stated that Mr. Sangin has left the executive director’s advising board due to his nomination in the House of Representatives. According to the letter No. 1071 dated 16/3/97, issued by the country’s Chief Executive Office, “the highest authority of the Chief Executive office of the I.R.A to issue a decree number (763) dated 13/3/1397 He reminded the resignation of the distinguished Sahib Nazar Sangin on the following text: “Thanks and appreciate his service in accordance with the law your resignation has been accepted.”

In addition, according to a letter of the Generally Attorney office for maintaining this criminal offensive case it has been written: “in accordance to the accusations that Mr. Sahib Nazar Sangin has affairs with the daughter-in-law of Hafizullah and they had some illegal affairs no document has been found and the attorney general office did not find any documentation on this regard. Since the investigation delegation accusation in charges of fleeing from home and also having illegal affairs that Mr. Sangin have with Ms. Shukria are baseless and this case is not investigable. Since that in accordance to the article 13 of forming Authority of Attorney office and with the observance of article number (169) and (171) of criminal code the need to file a lawsuit is considered uncontested.”

Pasbanan has received this documents in a time that earlier Sahib Nazar Sangin has threatened the Pasbanan in a Phone conversation and has accused the News Agency of taking bribe from his opponents, now Pasbanan Media Group urges the legal institutions of Afghanistan to follow this case in a transparent manner.


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