Pasbanan- Kabul:

President Mohammed Ashraf Ghani once again emphasized on holding of the transparent elections process. Mr. Ghani says the government will not intervene in the elections, and the National Assembly should not intervene in this process. “The government does not intervene in the elections, the parliament should not interfere in the process, I did not build and create a party, but the intervention in the appointment of the provincial police commander or my district is unacceptable,” he adds.

President Ghani considers Election as a day of Accountability. He says: “As in the doomsday, nobody will get anything with their self for that world except the acts of his own. In the elections, the representatives of the people have the same situation. According to Mohammad Ashraf Ghani: “Election is an accounting day, elections day is the day of nation’s accountability, and the nation must judge freely and fairly. I call on all social institutions to recognize the conditions of intervention and report to the electoral commissions and the judiciary in order to deal with the offenders. ”

Meanwhile, Jens Stoltenberg NATO secretary general says: “Fair, inclusive and timely elections are also essential for Afghanistan’s progress.  We welcome the announcement that parliamentary elections will take place in October. And we encourage Afghanistan to continue on the path to reform. Including the promotion of human rights, good governance, and fighting corruption.”

The country’s president once again highlights that the constitution is not going to permit him to stay one day more from the time appointed in the presidential administration. He added: “Presidential elections are held in accordance with the law, I will not remain illegally in power even one day because, as the constitution predicts, My mission will finish after five years.” The country’s president continues to add that the election process will provide new opportunities for Afghanistan.

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