Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Mohammaddin Agharkhil

Peace in Afghanistan, an issue that is being debated today in formal and informal contexts. . The Afghan president said in a message on the occasion of 15 February after the departure of Soviet Union from the country: Afghanistan wants sustainable peace not temporary peace, sustainable peace will came if we will be united.

The second vice president says that the citizens of this land must be committed to unity and solidarity. Mohammad Sarwar Danish adds to the (15 February) ceremony which was held at the Presidential Palace: Along with uniting Afghanistan need to think for peace. We have learned from the era of jihad, we know that unity has caused the collapse of powers in the country.

Mr. Danish emphasized the recent revocation of the constitution by responding to recent Taliban remarks: The constitution of Afghanistan is one of the best laws in the world and the region, which every law, like other ordinary laws, needs to be reformed, which must be resolved in a legitimate way.

Meanwhile Taliban representative at Moscow summit by presenting preconditions to stop the war and provide peace with the Afghan government one of those conditions is to modify the constitution of Afghanistan which faced with the sharp reaction of the heads of government.

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