Kabul-Afghanistan (GSP):

The tenth of Muharram, Ashura Day, was held with serious security measures in Kabul. On this day, the leaders of the National Unity Government went to several Husseiniyahs and expressed sympathy and condolences with Hossein’s mourners. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, speaking in a Husseiniyah in the western Kabul, said that government is ready to accept any kind of authority ask by the mentioned area’s resident. The president of the country concerned that Afghanistan’s enemy intents to split Afghanistan ethnicities. “Today, the Shamir and Yazid of the time want to turn Afghanistan into another Karbala and create a mourn for believers and worshipers,” President Ghani continued; “The lesson we have gain is to raise voice for justice and dignity; terrorist attacks on mosques, places of worship and gatherings is same as following acts of Shamir and Yazid.

He adds: “Bloodstained hands, who have done crimes and acts against the will of people will never experience success, but failure. The terrorist attacks have left civilians to mourn and these acts only aim to create snaps between ethnicities. The attack on Shi’as is as an attack on Afghanistan and national unity. ”

Mr. Ghani says: “Your government is aware of the existing conspiracies and we’ll never let their dream come true. Changes in security levels in Kabul have been made due to the security of the West and the city. The government is prepared to consider Western Kabul as a security zone. Intelligence coverage is widespread, cleaning operations are underway. I have also directed to activate the ambulance and fire brigades in western Kabul; this war destructs a psychologically as it does physically.

Mr. Ghani says that the success of Afghan citizens, in order to win the current war, depends on understanding the situation, unity, and cooperation of people. The president of the country emphasizes that national unity government will change the legacy of the past and put on rule of law and social justice.

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